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Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Peace Works Travel student travelers meet Kim Phuc

Peace Works Travel student travelers share how meeting Kim Phuc made their educational trip to Vietnam a life-changing experience. (Fox News misspelling below). See the video clip here:       [Read Full Article]
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Wednesday, October 22th, 2014

Kim Phuc Visits Southern California Schools

Kim Phuc, the Vietnam War's iconic "napalm girl" featured in Nick Ut's 1972 Pulitzer Prize-winning image, speaks to students of Brentwood School, Archer School, Westridge School and Polytechnic School. Students are moved by Kim's message of loving kindness, peace, and forgiveness for a war-free world. Kim speaks about the iconic image, the Vietnam War and her journey to forgiveness. Kim… [Read Full Article]
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Monday, September 23th, 2013

Do you know what happened to the girl in this iconic Pulitzer prize winning photo from the Vietnam War?

8 June 1972, a plane bombed the village of Trang Bang, near Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City) in South Vietnam after the South Vietnamese pilot mistook a group of civilians leaving the temple for enemy troops.The bombs contained napalm, a highly flammable fuel, which killed and badly burned the people on the ground.The iconic black-and-white image taken of children… [Read Full Article]
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Thursday, August 08th, 2013

Emmy-Nominated Film Features Santa Barbara Students and Teachers

Alethea Tyner ParadisPeace Works Travel, a Santa Barbara based educational tour company founded by Alethea Tyner Paradis, a local teacher and Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award winner, is featured with her students in a 2013 Emmy-nominated documentary film. An ABCNews-produced documentary, Power of a Picture, was filmed in Santa Barbara and Vietnam and highlights the educational value of the photo of the… [Read Full Article]
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Friday, March 29th, 2013

Santa Barbara Schools - Peace Village

By PierceAfter an interesting bonding experience searching for paint, our troops headed to the Thanh Xuan PeaceVillage in the heart of Hanoi. Opened in 1991, this village serves as an orphanage and boarding school for people from infant ages to adulthood that live with the mental and physical disabilities as a result of Agent Orange.  Students have classes and learn… [Read Full Article]
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