Located in San Diego, California and established in 1912, Francis Parker School is one of the premiere independent day schools on the West Coast, providing an exceptional college-preparatory education. Our mission is to create and inspire a diverse community of independent thinkers whose academic excellence, global perspective and strength of character prepare them to make a meaningful difference in the world. A Parker whole-child education complements a rigorous academic curriculum with vibrant programs in arts, sports and global studies.

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¡Viva Cuba! 2017

February 11‐18, 2017 Eric Taylor

Once considered the forbidden fruit of the West, Cuba is now closer than ever. Fascinating history, breathtaking architecture, warm people, rich music and art, make it the best time to discover Cuba. We take students beyond the touristy exterior, to meet fascinating Cubanos on the wave of change. Our excursions provide travelers with the best of Cuba’s “must-‐see’s” in a fun, hands-‐on way. Vibrant City Culture. Tropical Beach Explorations. Exciting Baseball Games. Charming Pueblos and Mountain Ecology Preserves. Wherever we are, each day has an exciting activity for students, humanizing real people once dismissed as “enemy communists.”

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Travel Program Leader

Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor recognizes the importance of educating students outside the context of the immediate classroom, community, and culture of the United States as a means of forging a more competent future citizenry.

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