For The Better, Our Trips Change Lives

Students return home with eyes wide open, energized by their power to understand, work cooperatively, and make a difference in the world. How? Through our robust network of friendships with courageous, kind-hearted people living with purpose post-conflict. Our friends are survivors, heroes, teachers, givers. Local people working for justice connect the threads of human experience over time – the intersection between ancient traditions and modern culture – and inspire us to a deeper curiosity. Why do wars happen? What happens to people caught in the middle? In what ways can we accelerate the healing process and apply lessons of prevention for the future? Students are moved to a profound state of inquiry and action, benefiting their communities at home and abroad.

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Say Yes

Inspire your children to live an informed life and become invested citizens of a global community.  We all want the world to be a better place for our children.  Help them to learn, travel and make a difference.

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Need a passport? Immunization questions? Flights and visas? Travel Insurance. It’s all handled here. We make your planning easy.

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Shape Your Global Citizen

“Inspired” “Totally motivated” “Deeply moved” are among the positive changes parents see in their kids upon return from our trips. Here’s how we get results.

Pre Departure

Our itineraries are smart. We prepare student travelers to embrace the incredible opportunity of traveling through living history. Intelligent preparations are at your fingertips on our trip web portal.

We take pride in introducing our students abroad as knowledgeable guests. Once enrolled, travelers have access to online course curriculum to learn about the history and culture of the destination at their own pace.

On The Trip

Our commitment to your kids is profound. We are teachers. We are also parents. We foster group nurturance, prioritizing individual physical, mental and emotional health throughout the trip.

With strong organization, thoughtful execution and robust support, student safety comes first. Daily activities are designed with best practices for risk management, emergency response and fun experiential learning abroad.

Coming Home

Students return from our adventures with a heightened consciousness, appreciative of their lives and committed to making the most of their talents for the greater good.

Showcase your students’ learning with photo exhibits, interviews, video screenings, and fundraising-events supporting social enterprise abroad.We’re here to help your student embrace the opportunity to shine around the world.