Improving the World

We all want the world to be a better place…but, let’s be honest, it’s overwhelming.

What if you could learn, travel and make a difference at the same time? We get it. Here’s your invitation to witness courage: the people’s journey from war to peace. Experience it all: taste urban buzz, trek through tropical jungle, interview survivors of war, innovate new solutions to old problems, climb ancient temples, build a children’s playground, explore spiritual traditions, boat in floating markets, take dancing lessons with activists, artists and local heroes.

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Step 1

Choose A Tour

Our travelers experience vibrant countries while supporting sustainable organizations and learning business solutions to global problems. Travel with your own teachers, or one of ours. Trip leaders are supported on the ground by our non-profit partners who receive our groups like family.

Step 2

Discover Our World

We inspire students to become informed, invested citizens of a global community through socially-conscious travel in nations recovering from war.

Together we offer students incredible opportunities to distinguish themselves as game changers for a world of good.

Step 3

Become A Global Citizen

Pre Departure

Learn about your destination and its historical significance with online courses, accessible at your convenience.

We’ll provide packing lists, guide you through travel requirements and help you plan for your adventure.

Trip project communications and collaborations with our Friends start here.

On The Trip

We’re firm, but loving. Fun but focused. You’ll need to take responsibility for yourself. We are also attending to your well-being acting in loco parentis.  (Look it up!)

Learn.  Explore.  Play.  Experience.  Laugh.  Innovate.   Be a game changer. Abroad is where the synthesis of your learning and inspiration create the magic to make a difference.

Coming Home

Turn your experience into something meaningful. Write press-releases, host video screenings, or conduct fundraising-events supporting social enterprise abroad.

Apply your ideas and make your vision a model for others to follow. Use the trip of a lifetime to make an impact of a lifetime….for yourself and others.