Why Our Educational Trips are Different

Understanding global issues, war and peace is a challenge. We believe in experiential learning without violence. Students acquire skills for transforming awareness of the world into opportunities for positive change. Our travelers learn what happened, how to make better choices, how to innovate answers for the future. Our trips teach about the human, environmental, economic consequences of war—and the riches of peace. Join us…and give your students a chance to become ethical, engaged citizens of a global community.

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Choose A Tour

Inspire your students with socially-conscious educational travel abroad. Choose from our insider’s tours of countries thriving post-conflict. Integrated online curriculum prepares all travelers for each destination. Need suggestions? Want to customize? Our Global Service Teachers are here to help.

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Enroll Students

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, narrow-mindedness and bigotry” – Mark Twain.

Ready to discover the world of difference your students can make? Give them the opportunity to travel consciously and put their knowledge to good work. Enroll just eight students and your spot is covered. Plus, for every six additional travelers you can bring a co-chaperone for free.

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Enjoy Our Support

Pre Departure

Our creative team is ready with customized recruitment resources to support and enroll students.

We help with trip organization. Once enrolled, travelers and their parents have access to their own web portal and personal service, helping them with travel and account questions.

On The Trip

Travel logistics are on us. Flights, socially-conscious hotels, meaningful excursions and expert guidance... every detail is confirmed with your values in mind.

We handle risk management so you can relax on tour, knowing your Host Manager is with you 24/7. Comprehensive TravelEx emergency services support your group at all times.

Coming Home

Celebrate Learning and showcase your students’ learning with press-releases, video screenings, and fundraising-events supporting social enterprise abroad.

Start a program on your campus and make your vision a model for others. We’re here to help you give more students the opportunity to shine around the world.

  • We are so impressed with the student travelers of Peace Works Travel. They came to Southeast Asia seeking to understand and help with the challenges of land-mined-Cambodia and the UXO-littered country of Laos. It’s incredible how they have already developed an awareness of war and an intellectual curiosity and exercised the act of social responsibility at such a young age.

    Bill Morse, Director Cambodian Landmine Museum, Siem Reap

  • My Peace Works Travel tour taught me about my uncle’s military service of Vietnam. I appreciate his sacrifice for our country so much more now than before the trip.

    Briggs Boss, Sophomore, Thacher School

  • This is truly the trip of a lifetime. Every day gets better and our guides make us feel like family.

    Stacy Serrette, Teacher and Dean of Student Life, Emma Willard School

  • Peace Works Travel students are doing what we should all strive for everyday: learn from history and engage with dialogues of conflict resolution. That's the only way to prevent the next genocide from happening.

    Paul Rusesabagina, Real-life Hotel Rwanda hero who saved over 1200 people during the Rwandan genocide.

  • You opened our eyes to the tragedy created from a war long ago. As a family, we have had many discussions inspired by the trip. There is nothing better than sitting around and having your kids interact in intellectual conversations. Many thanks for adding new food for thought to our kitchen table.

    Shirley Hahn, Beverly Hills, California

  • History teacher-turned social entrepreneur makes an impact on educational travel scene.

    The Santa Barbara Independent

  • After visiting the Killing Fields, we restored our hope with a volunteer project teaching English to kids. I understood how humans can heal from tragedy: We must all invest in the hopes of a new generation.

    Alex Greer, Junior, Laguna Blanca School

  • The Vietnamese veterans shared stories about the War, ideas about a bright future for the next generation and how it feels to connect with those they fought. It was fascinating to hear their insights. The students were awestruck.

    Kelly Bennett, history teacher, Santa Barbara Middle School

  • Vietnam was a name I had grown up hearing: a place my father had tried to avoid, a war my mom protested against, the battlefield where my uncle lost his sight to a landmine. When my school announced the spring trip, I knew I had to go. It was the best experience of my entire life.

    Alexandra Kall, Francis Parker School

  • Volunteering at the Peace Works Travel Village was life-changing for my students. After learning about chemical warfare they discovered we can actually "do something" for the children living with the legacy of Agent Orange. I am forever grateful for this experience.

    Spencer Barr, English Teacher, Santa Barbara High School, California

  • I had never led a group outside the country before. Your organization and planning and daily programing is so excellent. I will definitely do this again. Thanks so much.

    Stacy Serrette, Director of Student Life, Emma Willard School

  • Another great day yesterday. We saw the body of Ho Chi Minh and learned more about his philosophy of bringing the government close to the ordinary people, how he lived in such simple quarters to make that point, and how the country evolved from independence from the French. Our students asked such great questions that integrated their thinking on policies and personalities. It’s clear they are connecting the various stories of Vietnam together in a more comprehensive picture of the war.

    Eric Taylor, Francis Parker School, San Diego, California