Cambodia Alive!

Witness Cambodia’s hidden history and emerging cultural renaissance. Experience the buzz of capital city Phnom Penh, explore the ancient Angkor Temple complex, and relax in the pristine culture of Kep Beach. The Cambodia Alive! Spring and Summer trips offer an insider’s understanding of the richness of Khmer spirit over time and place. We explore themes of French colonialism, the U.S. bombing of the countryside during the Vietnam War, the Khmer Rouge genocide and the transcendent healing found through the Buddhist tradition. Witnessing the incredible performances of Cambodian Living Arts and volunteering with local children provides unforgettable lessons in the regenerative power of the cultural arts. We fly to charming riverside Siem Reap for a life-changing experience at the 7th wonder of the world, Angkor Wat. Here, we serve Cambodia’s most marginalized people — those injured by landmines — and understand the power of socially-responsible tourism to provide prosperity for the next generation. We explore delightful colonial Kampot city en route to the environmental gems at Kep Beach ecological preserve. Our insider’s approach introduces students to real-life local and international heroes, reconciling the gentle spirits of modern-day Cambodians with the genocide. Ultimately, students acquire a rare understanding of the transcendent human spirit, journey to recovery from both civil and invasive war.

Cambodia Highlights

Our meaningful engagement with kind-hearted locals brings the diverse realities of Cambodia to life: family farmers, genocide survivors, humanitarians, factory workers, artists and scholars. Travelers understand history of Cambodia at the local, regional, and global levels. Go Deep: innovate social entrepreneurial ideas in a land resonating resiliency of the human spirit.

• Explore Phnom Penh’s urban buzz
• Boat the mighty Mekong River at sunset
• Tuk-Tuk ride through charming colonial streets
• Savor gourmet French fusion cuisine
• Volunteer at preschools with local children
• Interact with gentle elephants and learn about the industries that utilize them
• Understand history and healing at the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Prison
• Meditate in serene monasteries
• Photograph mysterious Angkor Wat at sunrise, 7th Wonder of the World
• Visit floating villages on the legendary Tonle Sap Lake
• Shop modern and traditional markets
• Inspire yourself with music and dance workshops
• Relax on breathtaking beaches
• Volunteer with landmine victims
• Trek through vibrant coastal rainforest
• Enjoy insider’s access to genocide survivors, artists and local heroes