Magical Guatemala

Spectacular Volcanoes. Sparkling Lakes. Exquisite Temples. Colonial Charm. Guatemala invites us to experience the mystical resonance of its hospitable people and verdant ecology. From Glacial to pre-Columbian. Indigenous to Colonial. Ancient to Modern. Guatemala has experienced the peaks and valleys of conquest and reconciliation over time. Now at peace, the nation offers a unique landscape where the full spectrum of human experience transcends the imagination. What can we learn from these incredibly resilient people?

Our partnership with socially-responsible enterprises and profit-sharing cooperatives teaches travelers about economic empowerment through honest community investment.

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Guatemala Digital Storytelling Teacher Training
Complete certified professional development hours while gaining experience in hands-on, inquiry-based, socially conscious curriculum at an exciting international destination.
July 6 – 14, 2017

De La Gente (“Of the People”)

Friendly. Easy-going. Modest. The Guatemalan people welcome us with gracious sonrisas (smiles) and a relaxed temperament. The Maya culture, comprising over half the population, keeps alive the colorful and enigmatic traditions made legendary in stories and ruins of the ancient Americas. Deeply spiritual in reverence for nature, various deities, and passion for life, Guatemalan people exude a quality of paz (peace) which informs the beauty of mere existence.

Our travelers engage with hands-on experiential discoveries. Climb a volcano. Pick coffee beans. Bargain in the market. Grow your poultry. Cook over wood-fires. How delicious does your food, your chocolate, your coffee taste when you live farm-to-table?

Her Infinite Impact

Guatemala has the widest gender gap in the Western Hemisphere. Global economic development experts agree: want to end the cycle of poverty? Educate the girls. Our partnership with Starfish-Impact provides a cross-cultural network of mutual benefit for our travelers and local girls which multiplies in the global community far beyond our generation.

Join us, and make your adventure serve the greater good throughout the Americas.

Guatemala Digital Storytelling Teacher Training

Join award-winning media industry professionals on fun, hands-on, inquiry-based international professional development adventures. On these trips you will create compelling stories with hand-held devices (iphone, iPad, or DSLR camera), learn how to integrate digital storytelling methods into courses of all levels and subject areas, expand your talents in photography, video, journalism, and inquiry-based projects, and acquire the skill to lead your own digital storytelling trips with students abroad.

Join our next Teacher Training trip to Guatemala, July 6-14, 2017!

HW Go! Guatemala: A Digital Storytelling Adventure

Combining cultural awareness, adventure travel, and Digital Storytelling these one-of-a-kind trips empower you to skillfully transmit global truths. Students learn key aspects of topic research, news gathering, story reporting, production and the distribution process. We provide insider’s access to notable locals with fascinating stories to share.

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Guatemala Highlights

  • Explore charming pueblos
  • Visit Old Spanish Cathedrals
  • Explore ancient Mayan culture
  • Trek coffee farms and roast your own beans
  • Build a school from recycled materials
  • Hike a volcano
  • Relax in a hammock
  • Photograph rare scenery
  • Boat across Lake Atitlan
  • Play with local children
  • Learn to cook local food
  • Shop in colorful markets
  • Visit a chocolate museum