Discover Vietnam

Join our adventure travel for a regional exploration of Southern Vietnam. Our student trip to Vietnam begins in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Here, students understand key aspects of history — the “American War” — and modern day issues through a service-learning project. We day trip to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, an expansive underground network that housed 10,000 Vietnamese during the conflict. Along the way we stop in Trang Bang to meet the family of Kim Phuc, Life Magazine’s 1972 “Napalm Girl” whose tragic accident and image helped put an end to the Vietnam War. We transition to the Mekong River for an unforgettable Homestay with the gracious locals. Here, we enjoy an immersive experience in river living where students learn to shop local markets and cook native gourmet from the resident matriarch. Kayaking and easy bike rides allow the group to explore the fertile island network in laid-back style. Students understand Vietnam’s national and military history, from an exclusive visit with a former Vietcong general. Our youth exchange project connects our students with those of Can Tho College where advanced pen-paling, sports and art projects form the basis of mutual understanding.

Combining cultural awareness, adventure travel, insider’s access to living historians, community service and analytical reflection, this one-of-a-kind educational trip empowers students to understand the causes and consequences of America’s most controversial war. Students learn of Cold-War era dynamics, geopolitical concerns, policies and personalities which shaped the Indochina conflict. Through a comprehensive itinerary balancing active learning with quiet reflection, students are encouraged to perceive the Vietnam War through a lens of compassion. Ultimately, the synthesis of historical curriculum, conscious tourism, contact with living historians and daily journal writing provide a framework for applying the lessons of the past upon the geopolitical conflicts of today.

Vietnam Highlights

Combining cultural awareness, adventure travel, insider’s experiences and service-learning, this one-of-a-kind student trip to Vietnam empowers travelers to understand the causes and consequences of America’s most controversial military conflict. Balancing active discovery with peaceful reflection, we perceive the Vietnam War through a lens of compassion. Students return from our Vietnam journeys as more ethical, attuned citizens of our global community.

  • Experience Saigon’s legendary buzz
  • Savor Hanoi’s French colonial charm
  • Boat the mighty Mekong Delta
  • Photograph rare scenery
  • Visit the infamous Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Honor U.S. veterans on China Beach
  • Relax in Hoi An’s breezy seaside tropics
  • Shop modern and traditional markets
  • Meet former “Vietcong” generals
  • Bike through local fishing villages
  • Trek terraced highlands to Hmong villages
  • Relax on breathtaking beaches
  • Taste Vietnamese-French fusion cuisine
  • Volunteer with Agent-Orange disabled children
  • Meditate in serene monasteries along the Perfume River
  • Kayak through limestone islands of mysterious Halong Bay
  • Trek through vibrant rainforest mountains
  • Understand past conflict and modern prosperity

We offer many trips based upon differing curriculum Themes. Our current themes are guides by your school, and to determine which specific Theme is offered please contact your Trip Leader for your school.