¡Viva Cuba!

Once considered the forbidden fruit of the West, Cuba is now closer than ever. Fascinating history, breathtaking architecture, warm people, rich music and art, make it the best time to discover Cuba.

Cuba is undergoing a series of interesting changes. Fidel Castro has disappeared from the policy-making scene, with his brother Raul making notable reforms. As the “historicos” pass the torch to a fresh generation of leaders, the success of free market-orientation and the aspirations of young Cubans will determine the country’s future—and relations with the U.S.

During our Cuba educational travel, you’ll see why the romance of Havana is infectious, an odyssey for the senses: Gorgeous relics of old automobiles, aromatic food, languid sea-breezes, soul-inspiring rhythms and uninhibited artistic expression – make it the most alluring of all Caribbean cities.

People to People: Local Community

We take students beyond the touristy exterior, to meet fascinating Cubanos on the wave of change. Our excursions provide travelers with the best of Cuba’s “must-see’s” in a fun, hands-on way. Vibrant City Culture. Tropical Beach Explorations. Exciting Baseball Games. Charming Pueblos and Mountain Ecology Preserves. Wherever we are, each day has an exciting activity for students, humanizing real people once dismissed as “enemy communists.”

How to balance the excitement of adventure travel with true understanding?

History Matters: Learning From The Past

With us, students evaluate the role of geography, imperialism, slavery, island ethnicity, resources and power defining U.S.-Cuba relations 1895 to the present. We consider the causes and consequences of the Cuban Revolution, the Batista regime, Cold War geopolitics, the Bay of Pigs incident, Cuban Missile Crisis and the Trading with the Enemy Act criminalizing travel to Cuba since 1960. Readings from Cuban dissidents, scholars, and poets give voice to a complex diaspora of people on both sides of the Florida straits.

Students return from our adventures in Cuba with a clear vision: connectivity and social entrepreneurialism are vehicles for long term peace between historical rivals.

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Francis Parker School: ¡Viva Cuba!

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Cuba Highlights

Witness history manifest through an enchanting exploration of an enigmatic island in rare transformation through our Cuba educational travel. Perhaps the only place on Earth where time isn’t money, Cuba is a living museum of culture, music and boundless human creativity. Understand connectivity, commerce and social entrepreneurship as vehicles for long term peace between historical rivals.

  • Walk Old Town Havana
  • Explore colonial and native island culture
  • Photograph rare scenery
  • Taste creative island cuisine
  • Experience Afro-Caribbean rhythms
  • Play baseball with local children
  • Learn to Dance Salsa and Rumba
  • Visit Ernest Hemingway’s old haunts
  • Trek tobacco farms and old sugar plantations
  • Snorkel vibrant coastal reefs on tropical beaches
  • Meet notable artists, intellectuals and revolutionaries