Polytechnic School, a college-preparatory school established in 1907, is dedicated to the education of students from kindergarten through 12th grade. It is a school founded on the principles of academic excellence, personal and communal responsibility, and service to others. As a community of learning, Poly expects all members to be engaged actively in the quest for knowledge and understanding. The school seeks students who are inquisitive and motivated to learn, faculty who are passionate about their fields of study, and staff who are devoted to supporting the educational mission of the school.

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Cambodia Alive! 2018

June 16, 2018 - June 29, 2018 Ann Diederich

June 5-19, 2016

Throughout our travels in Cambodia, students will reflect upon the peoples, culture, customs, and history that characterize this diverse nation. As this trip is anchored in history, literature, culture, and modern-day economic realities, students are provided time and opportunity to document their learning adventures with daily journal reflections. Our meaningful engagement with notable locals brings the diverse realities of Cambodia to life: genocide survivors, humanitarians, merchants, artists, and scholars. Students and teachers will discuss the history of Cambodia at the local, regional, and global levels; socio-political and cultural standards of our host country, as well as share innovative ideas for social entrepreneurial opportunities. Particular attention will be given to the complex role of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) operating in Cambodia. Teachers may opt to assign online pen paling in advance of departure with local students. Friendships the students began electronically are solidified with meaningful face-to-face connections and bonding activities. Students emerge from their Cambodia Alive! trip as more attuned, ethical citizens of our global community.

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Peace Signs Over Angkor Wat
Travel Program Leader

Ann Diederich

Ann Diederich brings 21 years of experience in global education and travel programs in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. In her 7 years at Polytechnic School at Pasadena, she has taught French, Spanish and history, co-coordinated the Global Initiatives Program, served on the Social Justice, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, and led global travel programs to France, Argentina, Mexico, and Cuba. She is a master teacher at the Rassias Center for Global Languages and Cultures at Dartmouth where she continues to teach accelerated language courses at the college level and lead teaching workshops. As the Director of Strategic Outreach for the non-profit e2 education & environment, Ann has contributed to visual literacy and publication projects with communities around the world. Ann majored in languages and Western European studies at Georgetown University, researched feminist policy in post-Franco Spain as a Fulbright Scholar, and earned a master’s degree in French from Middlebury. She is excited about returning to Southeast Asia with Poly students in the Global Initiatives Program’s new travel program offering in Vietnam and Cambodia in summer of 2016.

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Ann Diederich

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