“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

–Mark Twain

Socially-conscious travel means having a positive impact on our destinations through humility, sustainable choices and awareness of our actions. We believe in leaving a place better than we find it, taking in what is beautiful with what is real. As curious ambassadors from the developed world, the stories we bring back from these study abroad programs deepen global citizenship and inspire hope in the human capacity for positive change. With our educational travel programs, we offer our travelers a chance to replace “international volunteer opportunities” with meaningful social entrepreneurship: our educational travel programs support local vendors, hotels, restaurants, artists who invest in the integrity of their community and ecosystems. We research our international volunteer opportunities thoroughly, understand the context and culture of the communities we visit, and ensure that what we bring to “offer” –skills and experience– match the needs of our destination partners. Together, we are promoting a movement of ethical engagement abroad. We allow travelers of all ages to understand the essence and character of a place, give of their hearts, with the skills and mindsets they need to “make a difference,” not just while traveling, but for the rest of their lives.

All of our student teacher travel programs meet the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Mission:

“To improve tourism’s potential to be a driver of positive conservation and economic development for communities and businesses around the world and a tool for poverty alleviation.”

Our unique student teacher travel program themes include:

We invite travelers to experience the magic beyond the tourist exterior. In our teacher travel programs, we are welcomed as family by inspirational people making a positive impact in their communities. Additional options include:

Please contact us to develop your desired study abroad programs. We are happy to create around your needs.

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