Make “Never Again” mean Never. Again.

Genocides don’t just “happen.” They are the product of incremental –but perceivable – policies of targeted hate. Join us on our transcendent discoveries from horror to healing. During our student teacher educational travel, witness the ultimate renaissance and the triumph of hope. Understand the roots of prejudice and discrimination from courageous souls with an unimaginable past. In Cambodia, where the Khmer Rouge once-targeted artists and intellectuals for execution, we dance with survivors who know: Art. Saves. Lives. In Rwanda, cooperative projects uniting Hutu and Tutsi together teach us about the power of forgiveness. Creative itineraries balance darkness and light, exposing students to key sites memorializing the past and celebrating recovery. Program Leaders use Facing History and Ourselves curriculum for empathy-building in our communities at home.

“Walking through Tuol Sleng Prison showed me a passage into the dark crevices of human capability. As I saw the photo displays of the victims, rows upon rows of faces, all with the haunting look of knowledge, terrible knowledge of their imminent demise.  I realized how, no matter how “civilized” we appear, humans are capable of the worst imaginable things. Who could bear to witness those faces, fraught with fear of their own fate, and go on unaffected? It was in that moment I knew my purpose: I must dedicate my life to justice.”

– Julia Kreissman, Sophomore, Laguna Blanca School, 2010

Photo Highlights: Rwanda

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Cambodia Highlights

Our meaningful engagement with kind-hearted locals brings the diverse realities of Cambodia to life: family farmers, genocide survivors, humanitarians, factory workers, artists and scholars. Travelers understand history of Cambodia at the local, regional, and global levels.  Go Deep: innovate social entrepreneurial ideas in a land resonating resiliency of the human spirit.

  • Explore Phnom Penh’s urban buzz
  • Boat the mighty Mekong River at sunset
  • Tuk-Tuk ride through charming colonial streets
  • Savor gourmet French fusion cuisine
  • Volunteer at preschools with local children
  • Pet and feed gentle elephants, learn how tourists impact their lives
  • Understand history and healing at the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Prison
  • Meditate in serene monasteries
  • Photograph mysterious Angkor Wat at sunrise, 7th Wonder of the World
  • Visit floating villages on the legendary Tonle Sap Lake
  • Shop modern and traditional markets
  • Inspire yourself with music and dance workshops
  • Relax on breathtaking beaches
  • Volunteer with landmine victims
  • Trek through vibrant coastal rainforest
  • Enjoy insider’s access to genocide survivors, artists and local heroes

Rwanda Highlights

Visit Africa’s most peaceful country now honoring the 20 year anniversary of a genocide that shocked the world. Witness the indescribable natural beauty and cultural renaissance of a determined people. We go behind the veil, side-by-side with courageous souls who give voice to the voiceless and help make visible what is invisible in our own communities.

  • Explore dynamic capital city
  • Kigali Dance with Hutu & Tutsi people in celebration of unity
  • Experience dynamic art and agricultural cooperatives
  • Volunteer with local children
  • Understand hidden history at key genocide memorial sites
  • Hike volcanic mountains surrounding vibrant lakes
  • Shop traditional and modern markets
  • Visit colonial relics and ancient cultural museums
  • Learn traditional basketry and artisan handicrafts
  • Trek mountains with giant Silverback Gorillas