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Educational Travel Opportunities and Covid-19

Our educational student travel programs have been modified for best Covid-19 risk management practices. While our partners in many destinations around the world are contending with their country’s response to the virus, we are focused on our domestic destinations, emphasizing the benefits of understanding our own nation here at home.

To manage the threat still posed by Covid-19 variants, are employing heightened precautionary measures including increased adult supervision, increased rooming spaces, daily health and wellness monitoring, revised illness response and virus mitigation protocol, mandatory vaccination policies and indoor masking requirements for all participants. In the field, we have structured itineraries to maximize the outdoor, open air activities, minimizing time spent in close, non-ventilated spaces.

Using techniques of visual literacy, service-learning, digital storytelling and innovation we give students agency over their work as sustainable peace-builders. We meet with local within each destination who may present lifestyles and cultural concerns which differ wildly from our own experiences.  How might we understand the passions and challenges of the locals in this place? There are many ways in which a mindset of humble inquiry can yield radical empathy across boundaries, state-lines and micro-cultures, even within our own nation.

Connecting with genuine locals – Native people, survivors, artists, policy- makers, scientists, journalists and educators – teaches students to put a human face on the headlines. How are the people in American cities and states contending with the cultural challenges and philosophical divisions within?

Exploring with a spirit of self-awareness and kind curiosity compels travelers  to absorb the central lessons from each place, practicing a new way of being ethically engaged citizens of a national, local and global community.

Crossing Borders - U.S./Mexico Border - Spring Break 2022

This program invites travelers to understand the US – Mexico border surrounding the San Ysidro port of entry (San Diego) through a “Human Geographer’s” lens. What is the Why about this Place? How is it that commodities and revenue flow with relative ease between Mexico and the U.S. but the people are filtered through a militarized process? What are the differences between migrants: asylum-seekers, deportees, refugees, undocumented immigrants and Dreamers? What does it mean to be a citizen of the United States? How can a “nation of immigrants” reconcile its “American” identity with the contiguous hemispheric landmass and immutable demographics of our respective populations? What do the locals say? What systematized efforts at transcending injustice are in place? Are there successful international models for creating a mutually prosperous future across highly-migratory borders? These are the questions we seek to answer on our Crossing Borders: San Diego-Tijuana 5 day program. Learn More

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  • March 21 - 26, 2022

Native Voices, Natural Wonders: Grand Canyon + Sedona

Looking for a mostly-outdoor program that will inspire ethically-engaged citizenship in your students? The Natural World: Water Air Land Space. There’s no place on earth that can inspire alignment with the elements quite like the Grand Canyon. The sheer vastness of it can make you feel humble insignificance, like a single grain of sand on an infinite shoreline. It can also make you feel dizzying strength, in awe of our incredible natural world. On this exclusive experience, students understand the Grand Canyon through a human geographer's lens. As the Earth’s climate, life, and landscape are informing humans of their impact, this program invites students to draw upon ancient wisdom, and envision more sustainable possibilities. What is the “why and how” about this national treasure? In what ways have humans sought to coexist, master and manage this natural wonder? We meet with conservation professionals at the National Park Service, an expert Native American archaeologist, local naturalists and educational adventurers for an unforgettable exploration in the open air. What lessons can the Southwest and Navajo Nation teach us to apply in our daily lives? Through a balance of active engagement, guided excursions, and quiet reflection, students discover answers to questions of responsible global citizenship and the importance of living in harmony with the Earth. Learn More

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Chicago and the American Dream

Chicago provides a wealth of history, music, food, art, literature, sports, theater, architecture, nasty politics, mafia, gentrification, and innovation to explorers, young and seasoned. Known for a lively jazz and blues music vibe and wildly popular sporting events "bucket list" scene, Chicago's dynamic exterior conceals a rich interior landscape. As the city pulses with sensory delights, there is a deep undercurrent of art, activism and empowerment at play. History Matters: Past is Present Since the 1893 World's Fair, Chicago has been known as a global city, a thriving center of international trade and commerce which led to the great migration from the South. A place where people of every nationality come to pursue the American dream. Our Chicago student travel program experiential learning is anchored in award-winning literature-turned cinema which dramatizes Chicago in the popular imagination for 21st century learners: Devil in the White City by Erik Larson and The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas. People to People: Local Community Teachers may choose from itineraries grounded in experiential learning balancing darkness and light showcased by our non-profit partners. Our Chicago student travel program connects students with change-makers in the spaces intersecting the academic and practical life from people of all walks. Popular points of interest include Hyde and Millennium Parks, The University of Chicago, The House of Blues, Hull House, Chicago law enforcement initiatives, Urban arts projects of Theaster Gates, the Obama Foundation, Wrigley Field, The Art Institute of Chicago, and several other world-renowned institutions. Visit with the student Peace Warriors of North Lawndale College Preparatory School, I Grow Chicago whose mission is to 'heal the hood,' award-winning journalists of WEBZ 91.5 Chicago's podcast '16 shots," University of Chicago students and faculty, local artists, athletes, musicians and more. Ultimately, we introduce students to explore Chicago with an examination of our own Americanness: migration and industry, race and identity, artistic excellence and the struggle which defines creative pursuit of our full potential in a democracy. Learn More

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Customized Domestic Programs

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how teachers and schools operate educational travel responsibly. Teachers need a program with effective quick-pivots should the virus impact your best-laid-plans. Maximizing outdoor education components, Peace Works offers excellent templates for group travel customization. Emphasis favors curricular vision and budget. Need suggestions? Consult with us. Contact info@peaceworkstravel.com Learn More