Summer/Fall Student Travel Programs

Peace Works Travel Summer and Fall Programs

Our educational student travel abroad programs use techniques of visual literacy, service-learning, digital storytelling and entrepreneurship to give students agency over their work as sustainable peace-builders. The relationship between “learner” and “teacher” is inverted, revealing the many ways that a spirit of humble inquiry can yield skills mastery across cultures. Connecting with genuine people – survivors, artists, policy makers, activists, journalists and educators – teaches students to put a human face on the headlines. Radical empathy compels travelers to absorb the central lessons from each place, returning as ethically engaged citizens of a global community.

Our unique student and teacher educational travel programs available for Summer and Fall 2019:

California-Mexico Border

Bridges, Not Walls. The California Border has a visceral connection to the rich history of the United States and Mexico. Hotly debated in living rooms, classrooms, and news rooms but no greater point can be made than from those who experience the border in their daily lives. Learn More

Digital Storytelling – Crossing Borders: San Diego/Tijuana Experience – Labor Day 2019 - Register Now!

  • August 29-September 2, 2019

Washington, D.C.

Nowhere else in the country is there such a dense collection of educational opportunities packed into such a small area. Understand the struggle to guarantee the Constitutional promise of “Equal Protection Under the Law” at the Washington Mall. Enjoy a tour of the Capitol building, where some of America’s most pioneering public servants advance the work of our great nation. Ultimately, students understand the responsibility of engaging as ethical, informed citizens in order to ensure the American dream: liberty and justice for all. Learn More

Digital Storytelling - Washington, D.C - October 2019 - Register Now!

  • October 10-14, 2019
  • Registration Deadline: July 10, 2019

Chicago, IL

Since the 1893 World’s Fair, Chicago has been known as a global city, a thriving center of international trade and commerce, and a place where people of every nationality come to pursue the American dream. Chicago is a melting pot of arts and culture, a foodie haven, a wildly popular sporting events bucket list destination and the birthplace of blues and American Jazz. Chicago’s dynamic exterior conceals a rich interior landscape. As the city pulses with sensory delights, there is a deep undercurrent of art, activism and empowerment at play. An exploration of the literature, history and modern issues in one of America’s most iconic cities invite us to deep awareness of ourselves. What can Chicago teach us about our American identity? The juxtaposition of energies creates an opportunity to view the dynamics in play, learn about Chicago's rich history and contemplate what its future holds.  Learn More

Chicago - Urban Studies Program - November 2019 - Register Now!

  • November 7-11, 2019
  • Registration Deadline: August 7, 2019


Once considered the forbidden fruit of the West, Cuba is now closer than ever. Fascinating history, breathtaking architecture, warm people, rich music and art, make it the best time to discover Cuba. We take students beyond the touristy exterior, to meet fascinating Cubanos on the wave of change. Our excursions provide travelers with the best of Cuba's "must-see's" in a fun, hands-on way. Vibrant City Culture. Tropical Beach Explorations. Exciting Baseball Games. Charming Pueblos and Mountain Ecology Preserves. Wherever we are, each day has an exciting activity for students, humanizing real people once dismissed as "enemy communists.” Learn More

Viva Cuba! Holiday Family Adventure - Register Now!

  • December 15-22, 2019
  • Registration Deadline: October 15, 2019

Build Your Own Program

Choose from our insider’s programs in nations healing from history on dates that work for you. We help you select the best itinerary for your curricular vision. All-inclusive pricing is clear and reliable. We build your itinerary, provide a detailed budget and support your administrative approval process. Calendar and deadlines are managed easily on your dedicated web portal. We secure the best available group flights from your preferred gateway city. Need suggestions? Want to customize? Interested in free teacher travel? We’d be delighted to speak with you. Learn More