Trip Description

Guatemala Digital Storytelling Teacher Training
July 7 - 15, 2017
9 days
Trip Leader: Michael Hernandez
Cost: $2,225 (Participants secure their own international airfare)

Program begins and ends at the Guatemala City Airport, July 7th and 15th. Free group shuttle service from GCA to Antigua provided the mornings of July 7th and 15th.

Contact us for details: 805-685-8687 info@peaceworkstravel.com

Registration Deadline: May 9, 2017

Message from our trip leader:

Join Michael Hernandez, an Apple Distinguished Educator and a PBS Digital Innovator, nationally award-winning cinematic arts and journalism teacher on an exciting digital storytelling adventure to Guatemala. Combining cultural awareness, social enterprise, and practical skills-building, this Digital Storytelling Teacher Training empowers teachers to master comprehensive media literacy instruction with radical empathy. The itinerary takes participants through colonial Antigua and verdant Lake Atitlan, balancing digital storytelling theory and applied learning, active exploration and quiet reflection. Travelers acquire practical skills designed for the “non-digital native” instructor, employing hand-held tools for traditional classroom or in-the-field instruction with “digital native” student groups. Participants will create their own video, blog, or photo-essay as a capstone project. The trip is co-led by award-winning history professor, Alethea Paradis, who teaches participants how to activate students’ interest in global affairs and empathy for their subjects, by integrating history and social justice elements into the curriculum. Participants acquire practical strategies for effective leadership of students on successful documentary journalism adventures. Ultimately, participants return with skills that connect their students to global issues, using everyday digital media tools in a way which accelerates a student’s passion to make a difference in world.

Participants: What to Expect
Kindred spirit teachers from across the U.S. self-select for our programs, creating an incredible diversity of intelligent participants. For the integrity of the small-group experience, enrollment is limited to 12 registrants. We meet online at 30 days pre-departure for introductions, and find our own flights to Guatemala City where the program begins July 7, 2017. We shuttle together to Antigua, where we stay for 3 nights before transferring to the spectacular highlands of Lake Atitlan. Participants may opt to pay a single supplement ($400) for their own rooms, or stay in doubles, each with their own bed, and a shared bathroom. Breakfast and lunch and most dinners are included, though not elective beverages. The daily program begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes by late afternoon. Participants may opt to explore at their own discretion during free time. The shuttle will return the group to Guatemala City airport at the conclusion of the program on July 15, 2017.

How Digital Storytelling Teacher Training Works
Teachers are guided through the process of teaching students to produce multimedia stories both in their own communities and abroad. Training includes practical use of hand-held media to create compelling content, securing subject interviews with empathy, and capture the experience of people and cultures first-hand. By making your own project, you will learn the technical and storytelling elements needed to create powerful narratives that resonate with audiences. Michael offers insight on how to effectively apply these processes in your classroom, communities and as a teacher on a student group abroad. Alethea teaches methods for integrating key historical instruction into the digital media production process. In addition, training is provided for how to lead your own student groups, including administrative and risk management elements of effectively managing kids in the field.

Daily Travel Workshops
-Ingredients of a Good Story
-Journalism Fundamentals
-Ethics of Digital Reporting
-Easy Script Writing Formula
-Photography fundamentals
-Video Production Techniques
-Editing Shortcuts
-Distribution Strategies: Beyond Social Media

Travel Highlights
- Stroll through charming pueblos
- Explore colonial Antigua
- Trek coffee farms
- Hike a spectacular volcano
- Photograph rare scenery
- Boat across sparkling Lake Atitlan
- Visit colorful markets
- Witness social enterprise: Mayan women’s empowerment

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Trip Leaders

Michael Hernandez, M.F.A.

Michael Hernandez, M.F.A. founded the nationally award-winning Media Arts program at Mira Costa High School in 1999. He is an Apple Distinguished Educator and a PBS Digital Innovator. Students in his film and broadcast journalism courses produce powerful cinematic work that has had an impact on our local and national audience. He is committed to exposing educators and students to living history and introducing cultures very different from their own. The documentary projects educators and students create will give voice to the voiceless and make visible what is invisible in our own communities.

To find out more about Mr. Hernandez, visit Michael Hernandez's Website
or his LinkedIn Profile

Trip Leaders

Alethea Paradis, J.D.

Alethea Tyner Paradis, J.D.
A lawyer-turned-history teacher-turned-entrepreneur, Alethea Paradis has built a socially-conscious, experiential learning abroad vision into an award-winning program for students and teachers nationwide. Since 2004, Peace Works Travel has delivered superior educational travel fostering global competency, empowering lessons of history with modern relevancy. “We are opening minds through the heart, teaching young people how to empathy-map and design-think opportunities for others living with the legacy of war. It’s about solidarity, not charity. Students learn that long-term stability between diverse nations requires creativity and mutual prosperity for sustained peace.” An associate professor since 2000, Alethea teaches history, including the popular “Vietnam Wars” course at Santa Barbara City College.

Learn more about Alethea

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