Israel: The Holy Land

The Holy Land: experience a life-changing discovery with diverse people united by ancient civilizations, shared monotheism and a vision of peace. With expert insider’s guidance, we explore Israel’s most celebrated sacred and secular sites. Ancient highlights include visits to the Roman Amphitheatre and Hippodrome, 8th wonder of the world Haifa Bahai Gardens, the Jordan River Valley, Mount Scopus and Jerusalem. Relaxed explorations through Tel Aviv, the Old Christian, Muslim and Jewish Quarters, and an unforgettable Shabbat at the Western Wall opens our hearts to the enduring beauty of pluralism. Our journey treats us to timeless gems of the Jaffa Promenade, the Mediterranean coastline and a luxurious rejuvenation of the salty Dead Sea Float. We empathize with Israel’s modern history with private visits to the Yitzchak Rabin Center, Independence Hall and the Israel Intelligence Heritage Center. Our group returns with a clear understanding of positive citizen engagement, peaceful coexistence and mutual prosperity as pathways to a promising future.

Israel Highlights

• The Roman Amphitheatre and Hippodrome
• 8th wonder of the world Haifa Bahai Gardens
• The Jordan River Valley
• Mount Scopus
• Jerusalem
• Tel Aviv
• The Old Christian, Muslim and Jewish Quarters
• Shabbat at the Western Wall
• Jaffa Promenade
• The Mediterranean coastline
• Dead Sea Float
• Yitzchak Rabin Center
• Independence Hall
• Israel Intelligence Heritage Center