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Tuesday, November 05th, 2019

Crossing Borders: One Year Anniversary

I recently celebrated a special anniversary: one year of organizing and co-leading our Crossing Borders: San Diego/Tijuana Student Travel Experience. What has working in ethical student travel taught me? Savor every moment in the company of the many migrants we meet. More often than not, we hear someone’s story and then they disappear into anonymity: to immigration detention, a smuggler’s… [Read Full Article]
Friday, October 04th, 2019

Boundaries of Inclusion

In times of stress, disorientation and emotional intensity, our challenge is to connect. All teachers believe in transforming fear into understanding, turning understanding into hope, and growing hope into positive action. The antidote to distrust of information which does not square with one's closely held beliefs, is first-hand experience. In this way, travel is a positive trick of the mind, insisting that… [Read Full Article]
Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Teaching 9/11 With Integrity

Our company started because of the 9/11 attacks. We know that understanding the “other” is a path to peace. 9/11 can be taught as an opportunity to build non-violent community. HBO's, What Happened on September 11, attempts to answer the “what, how and who” questions, but not the “why.” In this film, students ask “why would they want to hurt innocent people?” … [Read Full Article]
Thursday, August 29th, 2019

Teach Boldly

After summering seriously, it's an educator's job to face the annual paradox: how to infuse fresh classes of kids and content with our renewed vigor and then avoid burn-out by October. I once heard a teacher comment that they avoid any "hot button" issue in class because "teaching current events is not worth it. All it does is rile people… [Read Full Article]
Monday, August 26th, 2019

Harvard Westlake in Cuba! Digital Storytelling

Peace Works in Cuba Documenting cultural elements in Cuba is no small assignment, no matter one's age. How should curious high school students from the United States capture and represent the "forbidden island" in just eight days? At Peace Works Travel, we encourage our young people to engage as temporary locals -- living with families -- and sampling the art, music, food,… [Read Full Article]