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Saturday, April 01th, 2017

Dos Pueblos High School - Vietnam Discovery - March 2017

Tuesday, March 26, 2017 Day 2            We started off the day with a Vietnamese wake up call... a loud festival right outside our hotel, with techno music blaring at 5:45 AM. Knowing they wouldn't fall back asleep, Milo, Lamont, and David watched the festival through their window for another hour. After, we had a buffet… [Read Full Article]
Saturday, February 18th, 2017

Francis Parker - Viva Cuba! - February 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017 Viva Cuba! Welcome to the Viva Cuba! blog.  This is where to follow the group's escapades, view photos, and find any needed information.  Please remember that wifi is difficult to find in Cuba, so there may be days without communication, but we will always let the school know that we are well via phone, and Lori… [Read Full Article]
Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Dos Pueblos HS Student Shares Her Vietnam Experience on 101.7 K-LITE

Sara W. was welcomed to K-LITE studios as their K-LITE Weather Kid and got to share a little about her experience traveling through Vietnam with fellow Dos Pueblos HS students and the eye-opening work they did there. We're so proud of our student travelers! [Read Full Article]
Friday, August 05th, 2016

Harvard Westlake Go! Guatemala - August 2016

Harvard Westlake Go! Guatemala - August 2016 A few photos from our group's trip so far:   DAY 1   The Streets of Antigua   Impact Hub, where our students connect with local kids and start ups learning entrepreneurship Lunch at the farmer's house (not pictured 5 feet behind, a horse who lives indoors!)   DAY 2   The Snickers… [Read Full Article]
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Wednesday, June 01th, 2016

War & Citizenship: Experiential Learning Without Violence

“Take students to Vietnam? Isn’t that a war zone?”   It was 9/11 that radicalized my teaching. Hearing my students embrace war in Afghanistan and Iraq as an answer to our national grief inspired my entrepreneurial spirit. How can we use our grief from violence to inspire peace? How can we teach kids to generate shared wealth as a means… [Read Full Article]
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