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Friday, September 21th, 2018

Jewish Council for Public Affairs - The San Diego/Tijuana Border

Our Trip to the Border Last week, we traveled to both San Diego and Tijuana to learn firsthand about our nation’s immigration crisis as part of a Jewish Leadership Border Mission, led by HIAS and ADL. Participants on the mission met with the Mexican Consul General, immigration lawyers and advocates, government officials; visited detention centers; and attended an Operation Streamline… [Read Full Article]
Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

September Reflection from Our Founder

Knowing our work is effectively empowering young people to engage as ethical citizen journalists using their first amendment privileges is a comfort to me, personally. And yet every time I return from these journeys, my fire is fueled to do more. There’s so much more to do! Hire more teacher leaders! Say yes to more student scholarship applicants! Showcase our… [Read Full Article]