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Tuesday, January 31th, 2012

Photographer Nick Ut to Travel to Vietnam with Peace Works Travel!

If you heard Vietnam War survivor Kim Phuc speak at the Lobero on the 19th, you’ll remember the heartfelt words she had for the photographer who captured the iconic image and saved her life. That Pulitzer prize-winning photographer was Nick Ut, and he and Kim remain close friends to this day (Kim speaks of the value of their friendship in… [Read Full Article]
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Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

One Week Later: Local Students Share Their Impressions

One week after meeting Kim Phuc at the Santa Barbara Airport and hearing her presentation at the Lobero Theatre, local students emailed us at Peace Works Travel to share their respect for Kim and tell us their impressions from the event. Here are a few we'd like to share: Said Santa Barbara High student Thalia Chavez, "There so much to… [Read Full Article]
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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Read Kim Phuc's Interview with the Santa Barbara Independent!

Kim Phuc's talk at the Lobero Theatre is tomorrow night, and earlier this week she spoke with the Santa Barbara Independent about her physical and emotional scars, her enduring friendship with photographer Nick Ut, and the message she would like the iconic image to tell. Read her interview here, and learn more about the upcoming event at the Lobero Theatre… [Read Full Article]
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Monday, January 16th, 2012

Event Reminder: See Kim Phuc speak at the Lobero this Thursday!

The week of Kim Phuc’s arrival and talk at the Lobero is upon us! Peace Works Travel is happy to report that the event has been covered widely by the press this week, with stories in the Santa Barbara Independent, the Santa Barbara News-Press, the Montecito Messenger and the Daily Sound. As a reminder, here are the details for the… [Read Full Article]
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Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Our New Year's Resolution: Shifting the Focus to Global Education

It’s the New Year, and around the world a flurry of resolutions is being made. We all know the usual suspects—exercise more often, eat more healthily, spend more time with our families—but imagining resolutions on a larger scale is often where it really gets interesting. If the United States were to ponder its New Year’s resolutions, what might they be?One… [Read Full Article]
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