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Wednesday, April 03th, 2013

Santa Barbara Middle School - Vietnam - Day 5

By SarinaLong bus rides are the perfect time to reflect, learn, and inspire. You have the chance to glimpse at the natives live their life whether it is: working, cleaning, cooking, or looking after children. From our side of the glass window it seems so different form what we know but, for the most part, it is the same. We… [Read Full Article]
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Monday, April 01th, 2013

Santa Barbara Middle School - The Mekong Delta

By Ryan Today in Vietnam we had lots of fun. We did a variety of different activities which kept us busy all day. After breakfast we went on the river taxi and visited the floating markets where people sell from their boats in the middle of the Mekong delta.  On land, we visited a small factory where they make rice… [Read Full Article]
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