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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emma Willard Girls Arrive in Hanoi

The Mekong Delta has been a real adventure.  We did so much while we were there, from listening to typical music, to biking around an island, rode in sampans with little cone hats, hiked, and helped cook food in the kitchen.  We loved our hosts, our beds with mosquito netting above and the basic bathrooms.  Most of all, we loved the joyful spirits everyone shared together, along with our cooking instructors and our guide Hau.  It was fantastic being on the water and stopping to see how coconut candy, puffed rice, sesame bars are made, how salt is gleaned from the ocean, how honey is collected and how fish sauce and snake wine is prepared.  We saw so many people who lived and worked on their boats and along the water.

Now we are at our posh hotel, after walking through the night market and having a plentiful French-Vietnamese dinner.  Ice cream at Fanny’s was great as well as the Water Puppet Theater.  Our new guide is Long.  We look forward to some of the historical sites tomorrow along with our introduction to the Peace Works Travel Village.

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