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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Travel Tip - How does Peace Works Travel get the best airfare prices for students?

How does Peace Works Travel get the best airfare prices for students?
Bargain Airfare Strategies:
1.     Vuela Voyeurs: Staying informed about the range of airfares to your preferred destinations helps build your flight-buying confidence. If there’s a special route (say: LAX to JFK) which you fly regularly – or would, if the price were right—sign up for automatic alerts from consolidator sites:, Scan the travel section of your favorite Sunday newspaper for published flight deals and hotel / flight combos. Staying abreast of the market value over time makes it easier to identify a deal that you can’t pass up. 
2.     Price Insurance? Reserving 21 days in advance is usually the best bet for the time / money / planning bargain, but sometimes there are last minute sales. Playing airfare roulette can be a no-fun game. Wait too long, and you’ve got an unpleasant routing. Book too early, and price drops can boil your blood. Yapta helps you get a refund for the price difference before and after you travel.
3.     Timing is Everything: Experts at Travel & Leisure recommend shopping after midnight, when the non-committal public has sacrificed their unpaid reservation holds. Those at Condé Nast recommend shopping on Tuesday afternoons, after 3:00 p.m. Seats which didn’t meet the new fare sales goals on Monday are frequently featured on Tuesday, with smaller distributors matching those prices by
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