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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cambodian Landmine Museum - Partner Highlight

Our Peace Works Travel students learn and fund-raise on behalf of the Cambodian Landmine Museum. CLM is an educational center for tourists to learn more about the consequences of landmines and Aki Ra’s noble work. Administrated by the incredible husband and wife team, Bill and Jill Morse, CLM serves as a global community resource. In addition to providing an interactive museum, fascinating displays, and informative guided lectures, the museum also boasts a gorgeous gift shop filled with artisan objects made to benefit landmine victims. Whether it’s a compelling T-shirts, woven textiles, books, music or jewelry made from re-purposed ordnance, the products support the self-sustainability of landmine victims-turned entrepreneurs. Jill Morse administers an exceptional onsite orphanage and school that services disabled and economically disadvantaged children. The learners range in age, though all are motivated to become proficient in all subjects in preparation for college.

Our Peace Works Travel students are lucky to engage in a conversational English and digital pen-pal communications with the students of the Cambodian Landmine Museum.

Contact Us for information about how to connect your classroom in a pen-pal exchange.(

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