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Thursday, August 10, 2017

What happens if a traveler needs medical attention?

Every program is equipped with standard safety and medical preparations: first aid kits, bottled water and ready access to medical-professional staff. Program Leaders are CPR certified, trained to administer basic first aid, and travel with copies of student medical data forms at all times. Although our solid planning, participant screening and safety precautions have ensured that no student traveler has suffered a medical issue requiring hospitalization, Peace Works Travel is prepared for issues requiring emergency medical care. Our emergency response is supported by 24/7 TravelEx 360 Student Group Insurance services for every traveler, providing quality in-country medical facilities akin to American “Urgent Care” centers. In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, our team secures the health and safety of the students first, and will contact stakeholders (schools, administrators, parents) immediately thereafter. Peace Works Travel promises clear and candid communication with all stakeholders in accordance with institution preference for designated communication channels.

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