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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


With an estimated 91.9 million Americans traveling farther than 50 miles from home this holiday season, there are no shortage of travel advisories designed to help the people who help us along the journey.

But sometimes, these recommendations are insultingly obvious.

AAA tells us to “get on the road early.”

Police tell us to “make a plan.”

The LA Times article “Advice for the holiday traveler” reminds us: “TSA rules are inconsistently applied” so… “Be nice to airport personnel” 

Besides the suggestion to avoid cell phone reliance for all planning, emergencies and directions, there are a few more-than-common-sense strategies out there which are actually quite helpful.  Peace Works Travel has culled some bits of this wisdom to help us stay safe and enjoy the ride.   

How to anticipate kid-centered family-travel stress (that makes parents and passengers “not-so-happy”) 
Jeremy Branham, covers “Holiday travel tips for Traveling with kids” and on his website Budget Travel Adventures.

For college students embarking on a study-abroad adventure, UC Berkeley thinks of your health:
“Helpful Health Hints For Students Studying Abroad

Tell the Feds where to find you in an emergency abroad:
Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

Airplane Advice for both the young and old:
How to be appropriate on an airplane: Wiki How and Real Simple Tips on Travel Etiquette:
“How to Practice Airplane Etiquette”
“Your in-flight guide to keeping the peace with fellow passengers.”

Ezine Articles
Best Foods to Take on an Airplane

Independent Traveler’s “Foods to Avoid Before Flying”
And advice on what not to wear on an airplane: “Five Things You Shouldn’t Wear on a Plane”

And most importantly…. USA Today gives tips on How to sleep on an airplane . . .

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