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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuesday Travel Tips - Acts of God and Terrorism: How to prepare for the unforeseeable or highly unlikely events?

Visit the Central Intelligence Agency’s International Travel page Cross reference all of the health and safety information you have gathered from the research we recommended in our previous post “Health Preparations – One size fits a few, but not you”.  Register for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)  so the State Department knows your plans, can communicate with you in case of an emergency, and advise the local embassy of your needs. Obtain travel insurance which includes emergency evacuation services.

Conditions Change, Stay Flexible: One month before the elite travel magazines touted the Roman-esque beauty of Libya’s ruins for a “must-see” experience, Tripoli erupted in the bloodshed which ousted 50 year tyrant Mohammar Kaddafi. Make sure that you are following local conditions on the ground in terms of weather, politics, and disease. Setting “Google” alerts with your destinations as the monitored topic is a great way to inundate your inbox with quality information. Much of the content will be irrelevant to your fears and preparations, which keeps reality in check: more often than not, ordinary life is carrying on as usual in the place of your next adventure. 

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