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Wednesday, June 04th, 2014

In Cuba, technology may beat censorship

BY ANDRES OPPENHEIMERThe Miami Herald Published: May 30, 2014Cuba’s first major independent newspaper in more than five decades — a digitaldaily called 14ymedio — was quickly blocked within the island last week, but thebig question is for how long the country’s regime will be able to maintain itsmonopoly on the news media.Yoani Sanchez, the prominent Cuban blogger who launched the new digital… [Read Full Article]
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Thursday, September 12th, 2013

13 moments of culture shock for the first-time American traveler

MY FIRST TIME ABROAD, I knew things were going to be different the moment I saw my European host dad strip down to a speedo tighter than my bikini bottoms and dive into the Baltic Sea. Cultural differences will surprise you, but you have to learn to live with them to enjoy traveling.When you realize you’re not as smart as… [Read Full Article]
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Thursday, August 29th, 2013

How to use your mobile device to create awesome travel images

MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY has become a full-blown movement. From San Francisco to Shanghai, amateur and professional photographers alike have been experimenting with various shooting and editing techniques on their mobile devices, finding they can achieve comparable and sometimes even more creative results than with their heavy cameras.It’s been a few years since I switched into the smartphone realm, and my life… [Read Full Article]
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Thursday, April 04th, 2013

Santa Barbara Middle School - Discovering Hanoi

By Daniel We started off the day with a visit to a Confucian temple, also called "The Temple of Literature."  It was filled with young school children, maybe 5 or 6 years old who were on a field trip to receive awards for getting good grades in school. The temple had a beautiful garden that included an intricate array of flowers… [Read Full Article]
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Wednesday, April 03th, 2013

Santa Barbara Middle School - Vietnam - Day 5

By SarinaLong bus rides are the perfect time to reflect, learn, and inspire. You have the chance to glimpse at the natives live their life whether it is: working, cleaning, cooking, or looking after children. From our side of the glass window it seems so different form what we know but, for the most part, it is the same. We… [Read Full Article]
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